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To provide the students a chance to put theory into practice. To get familiar with DC machines, Transformers, synchronous machines and induction motors and give them experimental skills. To calculate the various parameters and characteristics of the Electrical machine. To understand the basic principles of operation of rotating electric machines, their  classification, and basic efficiency and performance characteristics. To understand the operation and basic configuration of AC machines, including the synchronous motor and generator and the induction machine.

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Power system Laboratory comprises of protection, simulation, high voltage and machine related experiments. Facilities are available for over current, under voltage, directional, differential and distance relays including different numerical relays. Varieties of Power system Simulation packages like Load flow, PSCAD and Mi Power are available. High voltage laboratory has facilities for power frequency high voltage generation Up to 200 kV, Impulse Voltage Generation 600 kV, Condition Monitoring of Transformer,20 kV tan Delta Test Kit and other

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The objective of this laboratory is to enable the students to strengthen their understanding of the design and analysis of control systems through practical exercises. This will be accomplished by using modern software resources to analyze and simulate the performance of realistic system models and to design control systems to satisfy various performance specifications. Students will learn how to implement various types of compensators and control algorithms using MAT- LAB and Simulink. In addition to using ‘theoretical’ systems and simulations, students will also be required to work on a torsional plant system, ball and beam controller and an inverted pendulum setup. They will Design and implement controllers to ensure the stability of the system, and produce the desired results. This will give them a feel for the ‘real world’ systems, and how to use theoretical knowledge on practical systems.

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Electrical Measurements lab will give knowledge to understand the correct function of electrical parameters and calibration of voltage, current, single phase and three phase power and energy, and measurement of electrical characteristics of resistance, inductance and capacitance of ac circuits through appropriate methods. To understand testing of transformer oil.

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Power electronics lab will teach the students to Investigate integration of power electronic converters with electric machines. ... The primary objective of this laboratory is to provide the students with a basic foundation for analysis, design, test, and DSP control of power electronics converters by simulation and experimentation.

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ELERICAL NETWORKS LAB have the following objective to be fulfilled

1. Fundamentals of Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s current and voltage laws and its practical implementation

2. Measurement of voltage, current, power and impedance of any circuit

3. Analysis of a given circuit depending on types of elements - DC analysis, Transient analysis and Frequency analysis

4. Measurement of frequency and amplitude of any signal using CRO

5. Designing of circuits (at least proto type models) for a given set of specifications weather in time domain or in frequency domain

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In the simulation lab student will able to learn programming and designing of different types of electrical networks and to develop the simulation skills in MATLAB. Also

  1.  To generate various signals and synthesis for the engineering systems.
  2.  To analyze harmonics in the systems.
  3.  To analyze electrical circuit in simulation environment.

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